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Hello everyone,

I am currently rewriting the xtrafile.com site to allow better community integration and mainly because the old site sucked. I have acquired entirely new (and totally awesome) hosting from Linode.com and I am currently rebuilding the core site functionality. I have uploaded the latest version of XtraUpload to this server as a demo here. While the site is being rebuilt there will be limited support available from me and the community. I am currently re-installing have re-installed the support forums and I am now getting the community experience back up and running. You can always take a look at the latest code, submit a bug report or download the latest release(v2 RC1) by following those links. I hope to have this site up and running normally by monday of next week (March 29th, 2010) but things happen and I am not going to give any more of a solid timeframe then that. If something comes up and I can't meet the deadline, there will be an update posted here.

Until then, back to work for me!
-Matthew Glinski


3/24/2010 3:10PM - Support Forums Reinstalled, please register on the new forums here.
2/6/2013 4:20PM - Latest Code from GIT has been updated. You can always get the latest code here.




XtraUpload is a turn-key PHP application for setting up a file hosting enviroment. It automates the uploading and downloading of files shared by your users and is extremely customizable. It is built on the CodeIgniter PHP Framework and is compatable with a large majority of web server configurations. XtraUpload has support for multiple user groups, premium users with unlimited tiers, multiple file upload, password protected file links, file folders, image galleries, automatic image processing, loads of configuration options, skins, plugins, and so much more. Don't waste your time and money dealing with a compeditors product, XtraUpload is FREE(Modified Apache 2.0 License, open source) and very stable. The latest beta of v2 was downloaded 80k+ times in 3 months, see what everyone else is talking about!

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